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Call for Contributions: Special Issue on Solidarity

ARTMargins Online is currently seeking submissions for a special issue on Solidarity. While this special issue will focus on contemporary art, we are equally interested in manifestations and contestations of solidarity as they appeared earlier in the 20thcentury.

We would like to receive contributions that focus on the intersection of politics, art, and activism from the 1960s to the present day, exploring the ways in which calls for solidarity—as well as practical ways of being in solidarity—have been mobilized on local, translocal, and transnational levels. The urgency of solidarity as a theme for artistic and cultural work … Read more

Special Issue: Contemporary Approaches to Monuments in Central and Eastern Europe

Introduction to Special Issue

What new practices of commemoration, and what new kinds of memory, do contemporary monuments make possible? What can contemporary art do to help us remember, and what does it mean to make a monument in today’s conditions? This Special Issue highlights a broad range of contemporary practices devoted to alternative forms of commemoration and the problems posed by monumentality within present-day Central and Eastern Europe and its diaspora. Such practices include documentary projects, performances, and interventions that occupy the post-socialist public sphere, as well as works that explore the fraught legacies of socialist-era monuments and subsequent … Read more