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Theory and Methods Workshop on Alternative Cultures in Zagreb/CfP

The workshop’s central goal is to use its results to build the theory and methods chapter of the upcoming volume Creative Dissent: Alternative Cultures during Socialism and Beyond, 1945-1991 (edited by K. Cseh-Varga / M. Klimke / B. Peksevgen / R. Werenskjold / M. Zubak).

This workshop will be centered around exploring what “alternative culture” means, and how we can critically reflect on the terminology within the context of state socialisms. The organizers of the workshop are interested in the origins, the translation, the adaptation, the production, the reproduction, and the distribution of this terminology, both as a historic and … Read more

Future Prospects for Art History in Central Europe, Call for Papers

Since 1989, art historians from countries such as Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary and Romania have benefitted from unprecedented intellectual freedom, yet their voice has often still to be heard on the wider global stage. Where they gain international attention, it is mostly as authorities on specifically ‘national’

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Prisms of Silence Symposium in Riga, Call for Papers

In this symposium we seek to analyse and understand the prisms through which we could meaningfully reconsider significant silences. Our particular interest is in rethinking the silences about WWII, its aftermath and the Soviet era in order to explore how they could offer productive ways of understanding present social change. We wish to discuss silence as a layered and complex phenomenon in the context in which relationships between communities and individuals often escape easy descriptions and have instead produced scattered histories and memories that remain divided.

Recently, several concepts have been proposed by scholars, such as multidirectional memory and the … Read more

Call for Papers: Artpool Budapest/Active Archives and Art Networks/Conference and Symposium /February 20-21, 2020

Dates: February 20-21, 2020

Location: Artpool Art Research Center, Central European Research Institute of Art History/ Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

The international conference and symposium celebrates the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Artpool and its concurrent relocation to the Central European Research Institute of Art History at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. It aims to map the cultural-political-historical contexts of Artpool’s activity by bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in transnational research on artist archives, progressive curatorial and museological practices, and the historiography of Cold War art scenes and networks. The conference takes Artpool’s 1979 … Read more

ARTMargins Print Volume 8, Issue 2

This guest-edited issue of ARTMargins evaluates the relationship between art, artists, and international institutions in the postwar period. Concentrating on the emergence of new forms of internationalism in response to decolonization and the diplomatic impasses of the Cold War in the decades following World War II, the issue confronts the problem of the nation-state within the emerging scholarly field known as “global modernism.” We propose that the term global modernism, while a productive shorthand for scholarship that expands modernism’s geographies, may also be anachronistic and misleading. The word global itself began to gain currency only after the 1960s, … Read more


“20/20” is a list of some of the most accessed articles, reviews, and interviews ARTMargins Online has published over these 20 years. Apart from giving readers and researchers a sense of what was most in demand, we also aimed at a cross section of the many writers, curators, and artists from a variety of countries and regions we have been fortunate to publish over the years. Among the brightest and most influential of these—Svetlana Boym and Piotr Piotrowski—are sadly no longer with us, and we repost their texts as a tribute to their legacy and lasting impact. These 20 texts … Read more

ARTMargins Print Volume 8, Issue 1

With the many symposia and exhibitions commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of 1968 now behind us, this first issue of 2019 asks how to historicize the art of the moment after. The articles in the current issue displace events that often serve as historical markers, asking instead how to interpret the artistic production of gradual and contradictory processes of economic modernization and political institutionalization. In so doing, they question how to reconstruct artistic tendencies and institutional norms without confirming the inevitability of the present, searching for utopian images, or trying to redeem social experiments that capital has long since assumed as … Read more

Suzana Milevska Wins Zabel Award

ARTMargins Print editorial board member, art historian, curator and theorist of visual art and culture Suzana Milevska from Skopje, Macedonia is the recipient of this year’s Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory. Initiated and funded by ERSTE Foundation, the biennial award recognises outstanding cultural activities related to the Central and South Eastern European region. The award ceremony was held in Warsaw at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art on 16 November, accompanied by a conference and presentation of the book Igor Zabel: Contemporary Art Theory.  Milevska was honoured for her interdisciplinary approach to both theoretical and curatorial practices. Her work … Read more

New Director for the National Art Museum of Ukraine

On Friday, November 16, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine appointed Maria Zadorozhna the new director of the National Art Museum. In an unprecedented gesture, the Minister, who has sole legal power to make such appointments, took into account the demands of the museum staff and greater art community to choose a candidate with adequate professional qualifications. After a month of escalating protest (in the form of petitions and frequent public actions) against acting director Tatiana Mironova, the Minister promised to not make his decision single-handedly and called a meeting of the Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture (an … Read more

Catalyst Award Handed Out for the Second Time

Catalyst Award Handed Out for the Second Time 

The Catalyst Award, founded by tranzit. hu, awarded for the second time the cultural impact of contemporary art projects in two categories. The awardee in the Motor category is Kretakor 1 and the Napidij project of Nemzeti Muveszetert Alapitvany. 2 The awardees received the Golden Golem Award of artist Tamas Komroczky and an exclusive song by the music band of women artists, called Strassz, along with a HUF500 000 prize for each category.


The Catalyst Award, founded in 2010, is given to individuals, projects, and initiatives which, directly or indirectly, have … Read more

Artur Żmijewski appointed curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Artur Żmijewski has been appointed curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. The 7th Berlin Biennale will take place in early 2012.

Artur Żmijewski, born in 1966 in Warsaw (Poland), works almost exclusively with the media of photography and film. He is particularly interested in the power of art and its relation to politics. From an almost anthropological viewpoint he investigates social norms, morality and representations of power in today’s society and the effects that art have on it. Żmijewski studied in the sculpture class of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski at the Warsaw Art Academy from 1990 to 1995 … Read more

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw to Open in 2014

As it awaits the completion of its new building (currently being designed by Swiss architect Christian Kerez), the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw begins its second year of regular artistic operations at its temporary site, across from the Palace of Culture and Science in the center of Warsaw.
MoMAW’s new building is set to open in 2014.

The Museum’s current activities are focused on establishing an operating model that takes account of the shifting social, economic, and cultural landscapes in Europe. MoMAW inaugurated its program last spring with a research project and an exhibition entitled “‘As Soon as I Open … Read more

X Baltic Triennial of International Art

The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius is hosting the X Baltic Triennial of International Art presented as part of the national programme of "Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009". ("Urban Stories"" – September 25 to November 22).

Continuing a 15 year tradition "Urban Stories" includes exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures, and publications. The triennial includes newly commissioned and site-specific work.

"Urban Stories" is directed by Ann Demeester (Director, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam) and Kestutis Kuizinas (Director of the CAC). The Triennial comprises of two principal exhibitions: "Black Swans, True Tales and Private Truths" and "Vilnius COOP: Gaps, Fictions, and … Read more

2009 Budapest Artist-in-Residence Fellowship Competition

The Hungarian Multicultural Center (HMC) is currently accepting applications for the 2009 Budapest International Artist/Writer Residencies.


Application Deadlines for Residences:


1. Residency #27: Tuesday, March 3 – Tuesday, March 17 — Deadline January 06 (must be received by this date)

2. Residency #28: Tuesday April 7 – Tuesday, April 21 — Deadline February 06


3. Residency #29: Tuesday, May 19 – Wednesday, June 10 — Deadline March 06


4. Residency #30:Tuesday, June 16 – Thursday, July 09 — Deadline March 06


5. Residency #31: Tuesday, July 14 – Wednesday, August 5 –Deadline March 06

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ARTMargins Open Forum “Where’s the Margins?”

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, ARTMargins is launching an OPEN FORUM devoted to the question "WHERE’S THE MARGINS?". The forum is dedicated to the status of the periphery, the margins, and the eccentric in politics, art, and criticial discourse in Eastern Europe today.

With the recent political and cultural integration of Europe, its Central and Eastern half’s comfortable position on the periphery – once a major selling point for its fledgling art scenes – seems to be a thing of the past. Or is it? Where is the "margin of margins" today? Do we (does … Read more

Five-Year Anniversary: Museum of American Art, Berlin

Open since 2004, the Museum of American Art (MoAA) in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district (member AIM) joins New York’s Salon de Fleurus and the Kunsthistorisches Mausoleum in Belgrade as part of a movement that uses anonymous copies of canonical works of art to deconstruct the narratives governing postwar and modernist art in Western Europe and the US. MoAA exhibits large-scale copies of the masterpieces of American gestural abstraction—from Kline to Rothko–in a small ground-floor apartment in a Berlin Hinterhof, complete with kidney-shaped tables, stuffy rugs and 50’s-style knick-knack. The violent clash between the heroic rhetoric of the large abstract

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ARTMargins Forum on Curatorial Practice

New York City, February 9-12, 2011. Participants to be announced.

The ARTMargins Forum on Contemporary Curatorial Practices in Eastern Europe Twenty Year After the Wall addresses the current state of curatorial practice in (or from) Eastern Europe, a region whose art institutions are increasingly positioning themselves within the global art field. At the same time, curatorship in EasternEurope continues to be affected by the structural weakness of many of the region’s art institutions and by numerous economic and social obstacles. As a way of mitigating the effects of these problems, Eastern Europe – like other parts of the world – … Read more