About ARTMargins Print

ARTMargins Mission

ARTMargins is a publication with an online outlet (ARTMargins Online) and a print outlet (ARTMargins Print). Both have distinct content but share an interest in publishing research, criticism, and artistic projects that advance our understandings of post-socialism, postmodernism, and postcolonialism, within the framework of a global art history. ARTMargins explores the shifting geo-political, aesthetic, and economic configurations that shape the art production in the margins, attending to narratives and territories that have been excluded from contemporary art history. Click here for more information about ARTMargins Online.

About ARTMargins Print

ARTMargins Print is a peer-reviewed tri-quarterly journal published by the MIT Press that publishes material related to the histories of 20th-century and contemporary art, art theory, art institutions, and curatorship. It places special emphasis on marginal histories and innovative critical and methodological perspectives.

ARTMargins Print invites submissions that explore the following frameworks and topics, among others:

  • art within sociocultural, political, and theoretical contexts.
  • the work of artists and art thinkers who work outside of English-speaking and official circuits.
  • questions pertaining to art and politics,
  • questions of periodization and historicization, including the contemporary
  • sovereignty, post colonialism, decolonization, and the notion of the global
  • the transition from and towards socialism.