ARTMargins Artist Editions

Our Artist Editions series makes original artworks available for purchase at competitive prices to support ARTMargins editorial operations and special projects. For details about the works on sale and prices please see the individual artists’ pages. For more information and to order, please write to us at

All works unframed. Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Below are available works from our original editions series. Quantities are limited, so order now! 

Boris Mikhailov (NEW)

Salt Lake (1985)
Bromoid gelatin silver print, 9 1/2” x 12” (paper)

“There’s a kind of interplay between the old and the new going on here. […] It was an outworking of an old idea I’d entertained before: we’re right there, and yet not there. It’s both today—and a long, long time ago.“

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

[Untitled, Ships] & [Untitled, Rabbits] (1993-1994);
Offset prints, 29cm x 40cm & 32cm x 44cm



"The prints were initially created to be part of another of our albums. A father decides to buy a coloring book as a present for his son. He goes to a store, buys the book and brings it home. The mother opens the package and suddenly she discovers that there are ‘bad words’ behind every drawing."

Gábor Ösz

The House: Project  Document (2009)
4-color postcard, 6” x 4”

“Each project is a different challenge and demands new solutions. I study the locations carefully. I have established a work method, with which it often takes years to reach the desired effect. The circumstances of creation become as inevitable a part of the picture as any error or fault."

Svetlana Boym

Various titles, signed and numbered digital prints
Paper size 22″ x 17”,  image size varies

"I pulled each picture manually out of the printer, its loud protestations notwithstanding. The rhythm of withdrawal is unrepeatable and so is each print. This procedure goes against both the printer’s instruction manual and the mass reproduction of the photographic images."

Dimitri Kozyrev

Cutting Edge #1 (2007)
Original drawing, 23” x 29”

Dimitri Kozyrev’s various bodies of work can be described as an attempt to understand and manage change. To capture it. Hold or compress change into a single visual moment so it can be remembered.

Yevgeniy Fiks

Communist Tour of MoMA (An Introduction) (2010)
Mixed-media collage on paper, 14” x 17”

“For the past fifty years, the Museum of Modern Art has been separating artists from their politics and in so doing sanitizing the history of Modern Art. This work connects the history of Modern Art to the history of the 20th-century Communist movement. The project is based on research conducted at the Museum of Modern Art archives in New York, focusing on Modern artists from the MoMA collection whose careers overlapped with the trajectory of the Communist Party.”