Monthly Archive: February 2010

Flashmob – the Divide Between Art and Politics in Belarus (Articles)

These reflections were initially intended as a translation in short form of a text I published in 2006, in a special volume of the journal Topos.(The journal was launched in 2000 and is published by European Humanities University in Vilnius. See the archive of the journal: The entire volume, entitled Choice and Elections, was dedicated to the phenomenon of political (non)participation in contemporary Belarus; or, more precisely, to the paradox of the political indifference of Belarusian citizens in the course of the presidential elections of 2006.

The guiding idea behind that issue of ToposRead more

The 2009 Jindřich Chalupecký Award (Review)

Every year, the Czech art scene impatiently awaits five nominations for the final round of the Jind?ich Chalupecký award, open to young artists under the age of thirty-five. Although the prize is awarded for long term contributions to the Czech art scene, the final verdict depends more or less on new works that are exhibited in a show organized at the award event itself. This year, the exhibition was held at Dox, a center for contemporary art in Prague. The exhibition included works by Tomáš Džado? a Prague-based artist of Slovak origin, the art duo Ji?í Franta and David Böhm, … Read more

Interview with Beata Hock (Podcast)


The interview with Beata Hock was recorded on January 27, 2010 in Budapest (Allan Siegel). The exhibition Agents et provocateurs, the subject of this interview, was co-curated with Franciska Zólyom ( It was on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art-Dunaujvaros, Hungary in October-November 2009, and will re-open at Hartware MedienKunstVerein-Dortmund in May 2010.

Beata Hock is an independent researcher and curator based in Budapest. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies. Her research and curatorial interests include feminist cultural theory and the interrelation between social formations and cultural production. She published the book Nemtan Read more