Interview with Beata Hock (Podcast)


Agents Et Provocateurs Poster. Image courtesy of the author.The interview with Beata Hock was recorded on January 27, 2010 in Budapest (Allan Siegel). The exhibition Agents et provocateurs, the subject of this interview, was co-curated with Franciska Zólyom ( It was on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art-Dunaujvaros, Hungary in October-November 2009, and will re-open at Hartware MedienKunstVerein-Dortmund in May 2010.

Tamas St. Auby, ‘Be prohibited!,’ 1973. Installation reconstruction. Image courtesy of the artist.Ewa Partum, ‘Women, marriage is against you,’ 1980. Performance documentation. Image courtesy of the artist.Exhibition view, opening night. Image courtesy of The Institute for Contemporary Art Dunaújváros.Exhibition view. Image courtesy of The Institute for Contemporary Art Dunaújváros.

Beata Hock is an independent researcher and curator based in Budapest. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies. Her research and curatorial interests include feminist cultural theory and the interrelation between social formations and cultural production. She published the book Nemtan és pablikart: Lehetséges értelmezési szempontok az utóbbi másfél évtized két m?vészeti irányzatához (Women’s Art and Public Art: Possible Interpretive Aspects for Two Kinds of Art Practice Emerging in the Past 15 Years, Budapest: Praesens Books, 2005) and is a frequent contributor to Hungarian and international scholarly journals and art magazines.

Franciska Zólyom is an art historian, curator, currently based in Berlin. She worked as the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Dunaújváros, Hungary till September 2009. Between 1997-1999 she was curator at the Ludwig Museum Budapest. In 2001 and 2003/2004 she worked as project manager at Hamburger Bahnhhof, Berlin. Since 1999 she has been teaching at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. She is founding member of the Curator´s Association Budapest (2005), board member of (since 2005) and board member of AICA Hungary (since 2007). Since 2006 she has been active in policy making on local and national level and in the organization of a lobby for institutions of contemporary art. She has widely published in international magazines and exhibition catalogues.