Monthly Archive: June 1999

Conversation with Pawel Pepperstein at the Studio of Sergei Bugaev (Afrika)

Austrian critic Heike Wegner in a kitchen dialogue with Pawel Pepperstein, co-founder of the Medical Hermeneutics group, about the former enfant terrible of Petersburg’s neo-avantgarde, Afrika (Sergei Bugaev).

Heike Wegner: Missing an adequate language of my own, I started to collect statements by others about Afrika, so that I might be able to write about him. If you were asked what is important to you about Afrika, what would you say?

Pawel Pepperstein: Generally speaking?

H. W.: Yes. Maybe as an artist, maybe as a good friend. Perhaps you could say something concrete about his connection to the circle of … Read more

Technology and Representation at the End of the 90s: Fragments of the Russian Experience

It is possible to consider technology as a complex combination of technical means and logical representations. When it forms part of technology (in the broad sense of that word, encompassing mnemotechnics as well as space ships), logic (or rather ideo-logy) remains unconscious, even though generally speaking it is, of course, part of consciousness. In the general evolution of imagery, it is not only the technologies of representation that change, but the representation of technology is likewise in a process of constant change. We have to distinguish between these two components of technology in order to escape the often cited cliché … Read more