Retraction of Holmes, Ros. 2018. “Meanwhile in China … Miao Ying and the Rise of Chinternet Ugly.” Artmargins 7 (1): 31–57

“Meanwhile in China … Miao Ying and the Rise of Chinternet Ugly,” published in ARTMargins Volume 7, Issue 1, ( has been retracted by agreement between the author, the ARTMargins editors, and the MIT Press. A reader conveyed concerns regarding the originality of parts of the author’s article in May 2022. The journal independently investigated the charges and verified them. Following Dr. Holmes’s admission of plagiarism in all the instances identified by the ARTMargins investigation, the journal informed the journals and authors whose work was left un-cited, as well as the Ethics Committee at the author’s university. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the sources the author failed to cite:

ARTMargins, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. 144-145.


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