Nonexclusive Publication Agreement


We look forward to publishing your article in a forthcoming issue of the ARTMargins Online [now: AMO]. For the protection of your work, we need from every author whose work is to appear in AMO certain nonexclusive licenses. These licenses are a prerequisite for publication of the article in AMO. However, this instrument is not a copyright assignment.

License to AMO: You hereby give to AMO the right to be the first publisher of the article.

Rights Reserved by Author: You retain copyright in your article, subject only to the specific rights given to AMO in the following paragraphs. By retaining your copyright, you are reserving for yourself among other things unlimited rights of electronic distribution, and the right to license the work to other publishers, once the article has been published in AMO. After first publication, your only obligation is to ensure that appropriate first publication credit is given to AMO.


You warrant that you are the sole author of the Article, and that you are submitting an original text that has not been previously published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration by another publication. If the text is accepted by another publication, you agree to immediately notify AMO that it is withdrawn from consideration.

You warrant that you have obtained permission for the included images to be published with the article from the authors and/or copyright holders.

You warrant that the Article does not libel anyone, invade anyone’s copyright, patent, or trade secret rights, or otherwise violate applicable law. You agree to indemnify AMO against any claim or action alleging facts which, if true, constitute a breach of any of the foregoing warranties.

Multiple Authors: If there is more than one author of the Article, the word “you” includes all authors jointly and severally. If one of you is to be the corresponding author, he or she should indicate that fact next to his/her signature. The corresponding author may sign for all authors, if he or she has authority to act as their agent, in which case please check the “for all authors” box when signing.

In Conclusion:

This is the entire agreement between us, and it may be modified only in writing. It will bind and benefit our respective successors in interest, including your heirs. It will terminate if we do not publish your article within two years of the date of your signature(s).

  • By signing and submitting this form electronically, you hereby acknowledge your consent to the terms of the foregoing agreement.