Occupying the Ludwig Museum

In this interview, curator and critic Gyula Muskovics speaks with Dóra Hegyi, project leader of tranzit.hu, on the occasion of the occupy action that took place on the stairs of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest May 9-21, 2013. Hegyi, who took part in the action, speaks about its origins and the newly formed civic group United for Contemporary Art.



Dóra Hegyi is an art historian, curator, and critic living in Budapest. She was a curator at the Ludwig Museum Budapest from 1996 to 2003, and since 2005 she is a project leader of tranzit.hu ( http://hu.tranzit.org/en). In this framework, she runs the discoursive, educational Free School for Art Theory and Practice, as well as research programs that support local and international collaboration.

Gyula Muskovics is a Budapest-based curator and art critic. He regularly publishes articles on the visual culture blog of tranzit.hu ( http://hu.tranzit.org/en), and other online art journals. He often works with the Budapest artistic group PR ( http://pinkreiter.blogspot.hu/) on exhibitions, workshops and public art projects. He had curated group exhibitions in Budapest and Bucharest concerning the topic of prostitution. His fields of research include queer theory, East European studies, archiving art and artistic research, as well as art in public spaces.

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