Lend Me Your Eyes

The introductory text situates the therapeutic practices of Gina Ferreira and Lula Wanderley in relation to the work of Brazilian modernist artist Lygia Clark. Ferreira is a social psychologist who uses the arts—for instance, photography and film—for the socialization and treatment of psychiatric patients. Wanderley is an artist who brings creativity into the realm of psychiatric care. Both have significantly expanded the sites and amplified the applications of Clark’s Estruturação do self (Structuration of the self) therapy sessions by working in public psychiatric hospitals and clinics in Rio de Janeiro and with marginalized populations. In “Lend Me Your Eyes,” Gina Ferreira offers a poetic account of both Lygia Clark’s practice and how communication became a “‘therapeutic’ possibility” for the artist. These thoughts frame Ferreira’s narration of her clinical care of a client (patient) named Pedro. In “The Silence That Words Hold,” Lula Wanderley describes his artistic engagement with psychiatry and his use of Clark’s therapy with clients such as Rosa. The two articles compelling attest to how Clark’s Estruturação do self resonates beyond the institutionalized spaces of the art museum and the academy.

ARTMargins, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. 134-138.



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