From the Editors

Ten years ago, the printed version of ARTMargins joined its sister publication, ARTMargins Online. The idea of the three founding editors— Sven Spieker, Angela Harutyunyan, and Octavian Esanu—was to create an innovative art historical journal with a broad remit that would offer some measure of correction to the euphoria surrounding globalized art at the time, and that would include contributions from the perspectives of artists, scholars, and critics. Would this hybrid publication model, which was somewhat unusual for an academic journal, be acceptable to its future publisher and readers? More importantly, would it find a place among already-existing publications that covered related ground in different ways, and often from angles we felt were close to our own? We have been finding or (re)formulating answers to these questions ever since, in ten rewarding years of collaboration, encounter, and conversation, both within the evolving editors’ collective—which currently comprises Karen Benezra, Pedro Erber, Elizabeth Harney, and Saloni Mathur, in addition to the three founding editors11—and outside it, with the artists, art historians, curators, and critics who have generously opted to publish their work in the journal or who have collaborated with us in other ways. ARTMargins could not have launched or thrived without the help and encouragement of all these colleagues and friends, several of whom subsequently agreed to join the journal’s editorial board. We are also deeply grateful to the MIT Press and its dedicated staff, for being receptive to our initial ideas and for steadfastly nurturing the publication from the beginning. We also happily acknowledge financial and logistical support from the University of California, Santa Barbara and, for a period of four years, from the American University in Beirut.

ARTMargins Online, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 3-7.

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