Cultural Perspectives: A Wider View

In this interview, Hedvig Turai, co-editor of this update, talks with Gergely Nagy, art critic and journalist, about cultural politics. Nagy discusses the “big picture,” mapping the current political situation, and drawing a trajectory of some of the events outlined in this introduction.

Gergely Nagy is a prose writer, and freelance journalist and editor. He lives and works in Budapest. Currently he is an editor for Artportal, Hungary’s leading webzine dealing with contemporary art, cultural politics and the art market, as well as an editor for a book-marketing magazine. He has published three books and is working on a novel titled Hilversum.

Hedvig Turai is an art historian and critic living and working in Budapest. Her main interests are gender issues in art and theory, Holocaust and contemporary art, and the art of dictatorships. She has published a book on the Hungarian painter Margit Anna. Turai is a frequent contributor to ARTMargins.

Hungary in Focus: Conservative Politics and Its Impact on the Arts. A Forum