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James Westcott, “When Marina Abramović Dies” (Book Review)

When Marina Abramović Dies : A Biography. James Westcott.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010. 326pp.

James Westcott, an art critic and former assistant to Marina Abramović, released his first book, When Marina Abramović Dies, earlier this year. Subtitled, A Biography, Westcott draws heavily on interviews with the Serbian performance artist and her extensive archives to pen a biography of Abramović, from her childhood to her sixties.  The publisher of the book, the MIT press, a prominent publisher of modernist, art-historical literature, very carefully qualified Westcott’s project by labeling it a biography rather than a monograph.  Interestingly, … Read more

Contemporary East European Art in the Era of Globalization: From Identity Politics to Cosmopolitan Solidarity (Articles)

With integration in the globalized art world, the ever-elusive notion of contemporary East European art is today becoming increasingly intangible and diverse. These changed circumstances are reflected in the East European art scene which now includes artists that are not necessarily based in their native countries, but may still work with the legacy of shared histories and experiences; artists living in the region but working internationally without the burden of their own socio-political past; as well as non-native artists who work either in collectives or individually and who have settled in the capitals of the former Eastern Bloc, or simply … Read more

Interview with Gábor Andrási (Interview)

Gábor Andrási is an art historian and editor-in-chief of the Hungarian contemporary art monthly, M?ért?. From 1981 to 2007 he was curator of CAA, during which time he put on 300 exhibitions at two non-profit spaces in Budapest (Óbudai Társaskör Galéria & Óbudai Pincegaléria). Since 2007 he has been chief curator at Kassák Museum, Budapest.  He is also a research fellow at the Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and has authors numerous publications on classical and avant-garde art, modernism and contemporary art, as well as the local and international art scene.

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Tomáš Pospiszyl on this Year’s Young Artists’ Biennial (Interview)

Markéta Stará: Your Young Artists’ Biennial came along after two years when it was curated by Karel Císa?, who is known for his profound and frequently challenging curatorial approach. Your curatorial strategy and selection of artists seems, in comparison to you predecessor, open to a wider audience. Was it your intention to defy the approach of Karel Císa??

Tomáš Pospiszyl is a critic, curator, and art historian based in Prague. He has worked as a curator at the National Gallery in Prague (1997-2002) and was a research fellow at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Since 2003 Pospiszyl Read more