Monthly Archive: July 2009

A Short Guide to Contemporary Art in Ukraine (“Short Guide Series”)

ARTMargins begins a series of concise introductions to the developing art scenes of East-Central Europe.

Last May an exhibition titled Pohlyady (Views) that highlighted the confluence of art and politics was organized by HudRada (Arts Council) at the Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv. HudRada is a group of Ukrainian artists, architects, translators and political activists; many members of the Ukrainian contemporary art community participate in its internet-based discourse. HudRada has wide-ranging aims, which include self-education through communication as well as creating exhibitions and other consciousness-raising events. Without the hierarchical management of a single curator, the members of HudRada collaborated … Read more

Edith Jeřábková On Prague Biennale 4 (Interview)

The Prague Biennale 4 is about to end. ARTMargins discusses the event with Edith Je?ábková, the co-curator of the Biennale’s Czech section. Je?ábková is a curator at the Klatovy/Klenová Museum in Plze?.  

ARTMargins: What was your involvement in the Prague Biennale?

Edith Je?ábková: I curated the Czech section (“White Paper, Black Bride”) together with Ji?í Kovanda. We have worked together before. I recently curated two of his shows. We also thought that our ideas were similar, so we decided to work as a team.

A.M.: What were your curatorial priorities?

E.J.: We wanted to look at the Czech section … Read more

Vladimir Havlík and Barbora Klímová, “Yesterday”, Parallel Gallery, Prague, June 4, 2009 – June 28, 2009 (Exhib. Review)

Vladimir Havlík and Barbora Klímová, Yesterday, Parallel Gallery. Prague, June 4, 2009 – June 28, 2009

The show at Prague’s Parallel gallery entitled “Yesterday” can be linked to a series of recent investigations by younger artists from countries of the former Eastern Bloc who take on the Communist past by way of its often decayed or discarded visual records, from photographs to videos and short films. While photography has been part of this endeavor for some time – in Russia, older artists such Boris Mikhailov and Alexei Shulgin come to mind, although their manner is more conceptual than that of … Read more