Monthly Archive: September 2005

Interview with Natasha Cherkashin

Moscow-based artists artists Natasha and Valera Cherkashin’s work(Valera and Natasha Cherkashin, Real and Unreal (installation, 2005).) can be seen in three upcoming exhibitions: their “Futurism and Nostalgia” will open on September 24 at the Great Neck Arts Center in Long Island, NY; a collaborative exhibition with German Artist Jorg Coblenz opens on October 21 at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago; and they will participate in the International Festival of Photography in Bratislava during November.

Sven Spieker: I’ll just begin by asking you what you’re doing at the moment, what your projects currently are and how they differ … Read more

Kristina Leko’s “Amerika”

Amerika, May-June 2005, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

In her project entitled Amerika, Kristina Leko employs the tools of ethnology to explore the Croatian émigré community in America. The artist’s method is analogous to anthropological research, which takes culture as its object, is concerned with the contextual and involves fieldwork in the everyday.

While anthropology “deals in the present with the question of the other,”(Marc Augé, Non-Places, Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity (Verso: London and New York, 1995), 18.) Kristina Leko evokes the intertwining of self and other, past and present, “Amerika” and the “old … Read more