Monthly Archive: October 2001

Lev Manovich Analyzes the Post-Media Age

Medium in Crisis

In the last third of the twentieth century, various cultural and technological developments have altogether rendered meaningless one of the key concepts of modern art-the medium. No new topology of art practice, however, has come to replace media-based typology, which divides art into painting, works on paper, sculpture, film, video, and so on.

The assumption that artistic practice can be neatly organized into a small set of distinct mediums has continued to structure the organization of museums, art schools, funding agencies, and other cultural institutions, even though this assumption no longer reflects the actual functioning of culture.

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Moving Pictures

Galerie Behemot – June 15th – July 7th, 2001

One process that is peculiar to cinema is that of generating the impression of movement. Much like a still camera, a movie camera can only take one picture at a time, and the same is true with a projector, which can only show one frame at a time.

The film moves intermittently, driven and stopped by the sprockets, which in turn are driven by a crank or a motor. A motor and a camera are also just a few of the components that drove Veronika Drahotova to create … Read more

After Stalin’s Death: Modernism in Central Europe in the late 1950s

The following essay is the first in a series of interventions concerning the “state of the art” in East-Central Europe. It was first delivered as a lecture at this year’s College Art Association conference in Chicago. Please see also the roundtable discussion currently online at ARTMargins.

On the evening of March 5, 1953, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin-a man whose impact on world history cannot be overestimated-died at the Kremlin in Moscow. His influence may be measured not only by the sheer number of murdered citizens of almost every country, but also by the developments in the artistic culture of an

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Central and East European Art and Culture, 1945-Present

The following roundtable concluded a panel devoted to contemporary and art historical perspectives on central and East European art and culture from 1945 to the present at this year’s College Art Association Conference in Chicago. The panel was convened by Susan Snodgrass who has also written the introduction to the discussion. Over the next few months, ARTMargins will publish, in lose succession, the papers delivered by the panel’s participants.


Participating Panelists

Roann Barris (R. B.) Since receiving her Ph.D. in art history, Roann Barris has been teaching courses in modern and contemporary western and non-western art history, and is … Read more