Monthly Archive: June 2001

NSK: Retro-Spection

NSK: Retro-Spection, Halsey Gallery at the College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina. May 11 to June 9, 2001

In 1989, the same year that British artists were responding to Thatcherite Britain the art collective NSK-Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovene Art,) was formed in 1983 when the music and ideological group Laibach joined with the fine arts group Irwin and the theater group Red Pilot (later- Sester Scipion Nascine Theatre and most recently Noordung Cosmokinetic Theatre). Prior to the formation of NSK, Laibach also created its own visual artwork under the name of Laibachkunst. The only previous showings … Read more

Letter From Romania I: A Dialogue BetweenArt and Industry

In Romania, the notion of privately funded cultural initiatives is still in its very early stages. Until only recently, wealthy members of Romanian society have been reluctant to contribute to the arts, and artists across all mediums have traditionally found it difficult to secure any degree of financial backing from the upper class. Three years ago, however, a wealthy marble manufacturer from Baia Mare was approached by an ambitious artist proposing the formation of a private museum for Romanian contemporary art. Together they created the Florean Museum, named after the wealthy marble magnate who sponsored its development. The foundation of … Read more