Svetlana Boym

 Hand-Made Photographic Prints

The artist describes the production process:

“I pulled each picture manually out of the printer, its loud protestations notwithstanding. The rhythm of withdrawal is unrepeatable and so is each print. This procedure goes against both the printer’s instruction manual and the mass reproduction of the photographic images.” (Svetlana Boym)

C-Prints, 22″ x 17″, Signed and titled on verso.

Prices: $1200 each


Svetlana Boym, Leaving LA, Printing Errors, 2003-2008, Print #12.Svetlana Boym, Leaving LA, Printing Errors, 2003-2008, Print #11.
Svetlana Boym, Dyptich Enigma, NY, 2004. Print #7Svetlana Boym, Hybrid Utopia, Tatlin + Butterfly, 2007, Print #4.
 Svetlana Boym, Leaving St. Petersburg, Printing Errors, 1997-2008, Print #9.Svetlana Boym, Distant Allegories, Providence, RI, 2005, Print #13.
 Svetlana Boym, Dyptich Enigma, NY, 2004. 

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