ARTMargins Forum on Curatorial Practice

New York City, February 9-12, 2011. Participants to be announced.

The ARTMargins Forum on Contemporary Curatorial Practices in Eastern Europe Twenty Year After the Wall addresses the current state of curatorial practice in (or from) Eastern Europe, a region whose art institutions are increasingly positioning themselves within the global art field. At the same time, curatorship in EasternEurope continues to be affected by the structural weakness of many of the region’s art institutions and by numerous economic and social obstacles. As a way of mitigating the effects of these problems, Eastern Europe – like other parts of the world – has seen a proliferation of biennials and other international art shows that have sought to shift the focus from a local to a regional or trans-national perspective. Apart from analyzing the economic, institutional, social, and more generally cultural aspects of these developments, the panel inquires into the way in which curators from Eastern Europe position themselves in the (much) expanded field of what has been called "the Curatorial", a global practice of exhibiting art within the global economic context of 21st-century developed capitalism.

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