New Director for the National Art Museum of Ukraine

On Friday, November 16, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine appointed Maria Zadorozhna the new director of the National Art Museum. In an unprecedented gesture, the Minister, who has sole legal power to make such appointments, took into account the demands of the museum staff and greater art community to choose a candidate with adequate professional qualifications. After a month of escalating protest (in the form of petitions and frequent public actions) against acting director Tatiana Mironova, the Minister promised to not make his decision single-handedly and called a meeting of the Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture (an advisory body composed of museum professionals from all over the country) to recommend a candidate for the position. Mironova, the owner of a commercially successful contemporary art gallery with no museum experience and wife of a prominent local politician, replaced former director Anatoliy Melnyk in April, after he was scandalously dismissed under the premises of the Ministry of Culture’s museum modernization policy. Zadorozhna, who was the National Art Museum’s Deputy Director of Development for 10 years and involved in the Museum’s innovative recent projects, was one of two candidates recommended by the Museum Council.



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