Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Limited edition offset prints, unframed
Signed and numbered in pencil, 1993 – 1994

(The Cyrillic text behind the image reads “IDI NA KHUI” roughly translated as “GO FUCK YOURSELF”)

Background information by the artists:

“The prints were initially created to be part of another of our albums. A father decides to buy a coloring book as a present for his son. He goes to a store, buys the book and brings it home. The mother opens the package and suddenly she discovers that there are ‘bad words’ behind every drawing. ‘What is this?’ she asks. ‘Obviously someone is trying to corrupt my children! This was done by the enemies of our country!’ The father takes the book to the police. An investigation is started and it is discovered that the crime was committed by American spies. The books are all destroyed and everybody is alerted to the possibility of such provocations.” (Ilya and Emilia Kabakov).


  • “Figure 14: Cows” (32cm x 44cm) — Edition of 100  — $575
  • “Figure 29: Little Rabbits” (32cm x 44cm) — Edition of 50 — $775
  • [Untitled, Ships] (29cm x 40cm) — Edition of 50 — $775
Ilya Kabakov.
Ilya Kabakov.
Ilya Kabakov.

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