Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw to Open in 2014

As it awaits the completion of its new building (currently being designed by Swiss architect Christian Kerez), the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw begins its second year of regular artistic operations at its temporary site, across from the Palace of Culture and Science in the center of Warsaw.
MoMAW’s new building is set to open in 2014.

The Museum’s current activities are focused on establishing an operating model that takes account of the shifting social, economic, and cultural landscapes in Europe. MoMAW inaugurated its program last spring with a research project and an exhibition entitled “‘As Soon as I Open My Eyes I See a Film'”: Experiment in the Art of Yugoslavia in the ’60s and ’70s”, which dealt with experimental strategies in the visual arts in the former Yugoslavia.

Presently, MoMAW is presenting the first retrospective of Romanian artist Ion Grigorescu.



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