Monthly Archive: June 2006

Moscow Diary

In 2003, Vladimir Paperny was asked by the popular Moscow magazine “Afisha” (Billboard) to review contemporary architecture of Moscow. ARTMargins publishes Paperny’s conversations and street impressions.

March 26, 6:30 PM, “Afisha” Magazine

– Can you please write about the new architecture of Moscow, – asked the chief editor.


– I don’t know anything about it, you should ask Grigorii Revzin.

– He’s a professional, and we need a side perspective.

– A freewheeling essay?

– No, no, no—essays! We need the meat.

– Where am I going to get your meat? If only Revzin would agree to guide me Read more

Paintings From a ‘Suitcase’ Themes of the Transient State in Recent Paintings by Andrei Roiter

Paintings of the Russian-born artist, Andrei Roiter, who presently divides his time living in Amsterdam and New York, illustrate his transient experience influenced by the prism of his ever shifting artistic identity. Roiter depicts the dilapidation and provisional structures of shacks, barns, and barracks from his past during Socialist Russia and enriches this imagery with motifs of his nomadic life-style. He skillfully interweaves romantic transient experience while paying homage to aesthetics of decay by picturing common architecture from the city fringes. Moreover, he utilizes found objects and building materials such as wood, masonite, cardboard, and fabric. His economy of means … Read more

Eastwards”– A Panel Discussion About the Emerging Art Markets of the New Europe

On Saturday, January 28th, 2006, Eastwards brought together representatives of art institutions, critics and collectors from the countries of the new Europe.

Ivan Mecl (Editor and publisher of the international art magazine “Umelec”, Prague)
Mihnea Mircan (curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art/MNAC, Bucharest)
Viktor Misiano (curator, theoretician and art critic; director “Moscow Art Magazine”, Moscow)
Gregor Podnar (gallery owner and curator, Galerija Gregor Podnar, Ljubljana)
Zsolt Soml\032i (contemporary art collector and expert, Budapest)
Aneta Szylak (curator and theoretician, co-founder and director of Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk)

Organization and moderation: Marina Sorbello, art critic and curator, Berlin.

Marina Read more