• Interview with Pawel Althamer

    Pawel Althamer is a sculptor, performance artist, action artist, creator of installations and video art. Between 1988 and 1993 Althamer attended classes in the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1991 he exhibited with a number ...
  • Art in Boxes

    Exhibition Reviews
    Ileana Pintilie, Actionism in Romania During the Communist Era. Bucharest, 2001  At the beginning of the 1960's Paul Neagu placed his art objects in black boxes, making them invisible for the spectator. With this allegory on the situation of Rom...
  • ACBGallery, Budapest ("Series Young Galleries in Eastern Europe")

    This is the first in a series of essays in which we will introduce new gallery ventures in East-Central Europe. For the longest time the idea that the commercial success of art galleries in East-Central Europe is inversely proportional to the quality of t...
  • The Painter's Eye and Brain

    Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, The Painter's Eye and Hand, 6 May - 18 June, 2003, Zderzak Gallery, Cracow. For many years Grzegorz Sztwiertnia has been playing with various definitions of the artist's persona and its relation to artistic production. During the ...

    Exhibition Reviews
    Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, National Gallery, Prague Veletržní Palác, Praha 7 - Holešovice, Dukelských hrdinu 47, 26 June - 24 August  It is always tempting, with such overblown events as international art biennials, (and the Prague event...
  • BAL-KAN - The Irritation of Lingua: A Few Notes on the Exhibition "Blood and Honey - the Future's in the Balkans"

    Exhibition Reviews
    "Blood and Honey - the Future's in the Balkans" , Vienna, June 2003  The conceptual focus of the exhibition from the well-known curator Harald Szeemann refers to the term Balkan. We can extend "Balkans" by looking at its etymolo...
  • "Girl Getting Into a Hole"

    Agata Bogacka, I'm bleeding!, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, June 2003 A Girl Getting Into a Hole is the title of one of the paintings by Agata Bogacka. During her first individual exhibition I'm bleeding! , organized this year in the Uja...
  • Navigating History

    Site Specific Art Projects in St. Petersburg, July 2003 2003 saw the Russian City of St Petersburg celebrating its 300th anniversary. The traditional Birthday mix of nostalgia and future plans and possibilities is manifest in the festivities with particul...
  • Roma Sculptors' International Project

    Exhibition Reviews
      The first Roma art exhibition in Romania was opened during August 5th-19th 2003 at the Simeza Gallery in Bucharest (downtown, Magheru Boulevard, no 20). The featured artists were two professional sculptors: Marian Petre and Mircea Lacatus. They...
  • Database on Russian Art, 1860-1940

    The project "Russian Art 1860-1940 in Western Museums: Information Database on the Internet" is a new development of the major Cultural Heritage Database Project with the web address The entire project is implemented under the patronage an...
  • Art and Crime. Sorokin Behind Bars

    Kunst & Verbrechen: Art without Crime. Hebbel Theater am Ufer, Berlin, 10.31-11.02.2003 The book "Blue Lard" by Vladimir Sorokin was taken to court in 2002 on the first of November by the Putin-linked youth movement "The United Ones" on pornography char...
  • The "Last Resort" of an Eastern European "Refugee by Mistake": On Diasporic Cinema

    Film & Screen Media
    In dealing with the ever-escalating drama of migration and estrangement of ethnic minorities and refugees seeking asylum in the countries of the West, Jacques Derrida's writings of the late 1990s have provided a forceful critical guidance into the ethics ...
  • "Dust"

    Film & Screen Media
    Dust was supposed to be one of "the" films: the most expected one, disputed between the festivals, starting with huge difficulties and even more incredible events during the shoot, provoking controversy, on purpose perhaps, and with actual political backg...
  • Neue Slowenische Kunst

    Exhibition Reviews
    Inke Arns, Neue Slowenische Kunst - NSK: Laibach, Irwin, Gledališce sester Scipion Nasice, Kozmokineticno gledališce rdeci pilot, Kozmokineticni kabinet Noordung, Novi kolektivizem. Eine Analyse ihrer künstlerischen Strategien im Kontex...
  • Computing in Russia

    Book Reviews
    Georg Trogemann et al. History of Computer Devices in Russia. Braunschweig: Vieweg, 2001  2001 was the great moment of a space odyssey and a computer called "HAL." For everyone who likes facts as much as fiction, the year also offe...
  • The Century of the Avant-Garde

    Book Reviews
    Ekaterina Dyogot: Russkoe Iskusstvo XX Veka (Russia 20th-Century Art). Moscow. Trilistnik, 2000  Let me start with a warning: This is not a textbook. Anyone who turns to this book should have at least some idea of 20th-century Russian art...
  • Between State and Public: "What's the Time in Vyborg?", a Project by Liisa Roberts

    Now living in Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Liisa Roberts was born in Paris in 1969 and received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, USA. Since the early 1990s, Roberts has exhibited internationally, including group exhibitions at Artists Space...
  • Pierre Daguin: The Frank's Wild Years

    Exhibition Reviews
    Home Gallery, Prague, 17 December - January 30  To correspond with its first anniversary, HOME Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of recent works on paper by Pierre Daguin. This show, Daguin’s first in Prague for several years, represent...
  • Cy Twombly: Fünfzig Jahre Arbeiten auf Papier

    Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, 8 October - 30 November  Despite the ongoing vogue in rehabilitating “avant-garde” and “experimental” artists within the institutions of art historical orthodoxy, one artist whose work has so far escaped s...
  • Irwin: Retroprincip 1983-2003

    Exhibition Reviews
    "Irwin: Retroprincip 1983-2003" at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, September 26-October 26, 2003  “Irwin: Retroprincip 1983-2003,” curated by Inke Arns (Berlin), presents an extensive...

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Maibritt Borgen (New Haven) considers life-material in Öyvind Fahlström's Kisses Sweeter than Wine.

In the Document section we present, for the first time in English, Akasegawa Genpei's "The Objet after Stalin." FREE ACCESS. (Introduction by Pedro J. Erber)

Artist Project: Stephanie Syjuco, Cargo Cults. FREE ACCESS.

Review Article: Andrew Stefan Weiner (New York) reviews Living with Pop Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

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